Simplifying health

Creating a simple brand story

  • Our client needed a new name and brand
  • We spoke to customers and the senior team to understand what makes them different. They put people first and want to shake up the mental health and care system
  • Not only was the brand to work for a UK market, it needed to work as one of a suite of US brands the parent company owned. We worked closely with the parent company and brand agency in the US, we developed a brand design that adheres to the company’s other brand guidelines 
  • Simplify Health is a bold and optimistic brand that has a patient-focused and disruptive approach

The new brand is popular, fresh, zingy and has caught on really fast! I rarely hear anyone say Beacon any more internally, everyone has attached to Simplify Health.

So, a very big thank you from all of us and in particular tolerating the fast turn-around, the added complexity of working internationally and managing all the stakeholders so well.

Dr Melinda Rees, Managing Director of Simplify Health

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