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Alex Kafetz

Senior Advisor

Alex was ZPB’s first employee and was the company’s managing partner for 10 years until he moved to a senior adviser role in 2021.

He is an expert on technology, healthcare data, and transparency and advises organisations internationally on this, helping them align their businesses to changing needs.  He has previous experience with the NHS, an arm’s length body, Dr Foster, NHS Choices and in the USA. He has several non-executive and lay positions including an independent member of the National Information Board (NIB) since 2014 and with the NHS in Waltham Forest. He was previously an advisor to the Cabinet Office on open data policy. In 2009 he led the first publication of patient safety indicators across the NHS. In 2018 Alex was appointed as an advisor to the Independent Inquiry into the issues raised by breast surgeon Ian Paterson.

Alex is a campaigner for better transparency of outcomes of care to improve services and ensure citizens have the same information as clinicians and managers on the quality of services in the NHS and social care – and across the NHS, pharma, life sciences and the private sector. He is also a proponent of a mixed economy – the NHS being successful when working with the private and charity sectors to deliver the best outcomes to patients.

In 2006/07 Alex was an inaugural winner of the James Mayes award (a research grant for improving health policy) and spent time working on emerging models of accountable care for US healthcare company Premier Inc and on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services.
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