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Jake Arnold-Forster

Board Advisor

Jake has been providing strategic guidance to ZPB since it launched in 2009. He has advised on commercial strategy and with a focus on growth and new business.

Jake has been involved in healthcare for over 20 years. He is an entrepreneur, consultant, non-executive board member, founder and Executive Chairman of COBIC Ltd and a former Chief Executive. Through his consultancy Carradale, Jake works with a variety of organisations from both the private and public sector, linking them together allowing them to maximise each other’s potential. Jake manages and advises companies using expertise and experience from the industry and through this has developed a broad network of chief executives, policy makers, civil servants, professionals and managers across the private, public and voluntary sector both in the UK and internationally.

He has a strong track record in organic growth in revenues and profits and extensive experience in new product development, sales and market development and team creation and leadership and a deep knowledge of health and public sector information, technology and media markets. His consulting expertise brings with it networks and networking skills with a hands on understanding of governance requirements of public, private and voluntary sectors.
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