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Jennifer Ross

Jen is a Senior Account Executive at ZPB Associates. She joined us in November 2021 and helps the rest of her team achieve the goals of the client by ensuring strategic and smooth running of client accounts. Jen graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Bachelor of Medical Science degree in Health and Human Sciences, where she was able to gain a deep understanding of health from a social and biomedical perspective.
Jen is passionate about making a difference to the health of society by using her scientific background to help clients succeed. During her degree, Jen volunteered within the health and care system and had a research placement for Mesothelioma UK Research Centre. She is keen to continue learning about new areas in health, with the aim of bettering the lives of patients. Jen has a particular interest in health inequalities.
Outside of work, you will find Jen spending time with friends, exploring a local market, or attempting to become an avid runner.
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