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Jennifer Ross

Jen is an Account Manager at ZPB with 2+ years' experience delivering a variety of projects across health services, pharma and health tech. She has cultivated a diverse skill set spanning communications, marketing, strategy and market research and has acquired a good understanding of current developments and challenges within the healthcare industry.

During her time at ZPB, she has helped develop communication strategies for the NHS and government funded organisations, led a patient advocacy project to improve care for rare disease patients through better communication, executed a multi-channel marketing campaign for one of the world’s leading healthcare groups and managed an advisory board for a global pharmaceutical company.

Prior to joining ZPB, Jen graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Bachelor of Medical Science degree in Health and Human Sciences, where she was able to gain a deep understanding of health from a social and biomedical perspective. During her degree, Jen volunteered within the health and care system and had a research placement at Mesothelioma UK Research Centre.

Outside of work, you will find Jen spending time with friends, exploring a local market, or attempting to become an avid runner.
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