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Nicki Muir

As a Client Partner at ZPB, Nicki works as a trusted advisor to clients, working closely with them to understand their strategic needs, develop tailored solutions and offering guidance and support to help them achieve their goals. 

Nicki’s career began with a solid foundation in science and academic achievements that propelled her into the dynamic field of healthcare communications. Now, as a seasoned professional in Healthcare Client Services, she brings over two decades of experience together with a proven track record of success. Nicki has led and overseen numerous accounts for Pharma companies, delivering comprehensive client experiences that has cultivated loyalty, fostered repeat business, garnered referrals and driven organic growth. 

Outside of work, Nicki loves cooking roast dinners, being the official family cake baker, being a dedicated watcher of binge-worthy series on various streaming platforms, listening to all genres of music, and taking long country walks with her beloved Pomeranian, Vinnie. 
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