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Oswin Baker

Associate Research Director 

Oswin Baker, ZPB’s associate research director, has led hundreds of research projects, conducted thousands of interviews and focus groups and personally analysed hundreds of thousands of survey responses.

Over nearly three decades, he has led research departments in the public and private sectors as well as setting up a successful research agency which is publicly committed to achieving policy impact and “turning information into action.”

Oswin has led, won and commissioned hundreds of research and evaluation projects and his company, Rockpool Research Associates, helps clients change the way they do things – whether they are government departments, local authorities, NHS trusts, international and national businesses or charities and social enterprises.

Oswin works with ministers and parliamentarians, academics and thought leaders, chief executives and council leaders, commissioners and communication directors, service providers – and crucially, with service users themselves. At every step, Oswin makes it his job to build strategic partnerships which share a common goal and achieve the primary task.
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