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Addressing an unsolved challenge in infectious disease transmission

The context and challenge

How do you respond when a client calls to ask you to address an unsolved challenge in infectious disease transmission - within just 6 weeks?

This exact challenge was posed to our team by one of our pharmaceutical clients. In response to the ambitious timeline, our research and insights team quickly devised and initiated a comprehensive approach.
Our approach

We conducted a systematic review of published literature using PubMed, supplemented by a review of key conference abstracts. In total, we reviewed and screened over 500 papers to identify the most relevant publications for a detailed thematic analysis.

This rigorous analysis delved into the barriers and challenges, and explored interventions and facilitators that might address these problems.

As a result, we acquired a nuanced understanding of the primary obstacles experienced in the infectious disease area and identified several potential solutions to explore.
The outputs 

Our systematic review was presented back to the client’s cross functional team in the UK, informing a strategy that would go on to drive patient engagement

The impact of our work extended beyond the boardroom. Our research was published as an abstract and poster publication at one of Europe’s largest infectious disease conferences.

This not only initiated productive conversations between our client and their key customers and partners, but also helped position our client as a thought leader in the fight against infectious disease transmission.

And we did it all in 6 weeks!

Screened over 500 pieces of published literature
Detailed thematic analysis into challenges and opportunities

Abstract and poster published at one of Europe’s largest infectious disease conferences

Initiated conversations with key customers and partners

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