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Harnessing qualitative research to build engagement strategies

The context and challenge

Our pharma client asked us to decipher and map the new health sector landscape, with a particular focus on patient pathways and the role of payers. Our objective was to use this insight to develop relevant and innovative engagement strategies for payers. 
Our approach

To understand the full picture we opted for a qualitative research approach with the wider multidisciplinary team. To allow for two-way conversations and more in-depth exploration of the topics, we decided to use focus group settings rather than 1:1 interviews, to enable greater discussion and sharing of ideas. 
The research 

For this project we carried out three group discussions:
  1. The first gave us a greater understanding of the current landscape.
  2. The second focused on specific challenges facing payers, and involved brainstorming ideas for how they could be better engaged.
  3. The third was positioned as a steering committee, and the group co-created some specific examples of engagement strategies.


Tactics such as patient engagement and education 
Innovative use of AI for intelligent triage

Projects rooted in research findings 

Harnessing technology in a variety of ways

The outputs 

Following the research, we developed a programme of engagement for payers. The programme includes traditional tactics such as patient engagement and education, alongside more innovative ideas such as using AI for intelligent triage. Crucially, all of the suggested projects are rooted in the research findings, meaning we can be confident that they are both targeted and tailored to specific needs.

All the suggested projects are rooted in the research findings - they are both targeted and tailored to specific needs

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