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The context and challenge

In every hospital in the country, facilities teams work to maintain safe and welcoming clinical environments. From cleaning to catering to maintenance, the work of these teams touches every aspect of care, and hospitals simply couldn’t run without them. 

Our client wanted to understand the different senior management roles in hospital trusts and more about their motivations, priorities and attitudes toward facilities management. At the heart of this brief was a desire to understand the NHS better to develop productive relationships. 
Our approach 

As an agency providing both research and marketing delivery, ZPB was uniquely positioned to generate the necessary insight whilst also thinking ahead to how it would be best utilised by the marketing team.

We started by carrying out desk research and holding a workshop with key members of the client team. This enabled us to further develop the brief, and to gain an accurate idea of who we needed to speak to and the key questions to ask.

A deeper understanding of the NHS means that the client’s teams are using this insight to make their communications with hospital trusts based on insight. Now, every interaction is relevant, productive and as useful as possible.  

The research and challenges 

The need for in-depth discussion and debate drove the research methodology. We chose to focus on qualitative one-to-one interviews and we sought views from across a range of roles, despite the challenge of Covid and the reduced capacity of busy NHS executives. 
The outputs 

The outputs of this project consisted of a detailed research report, which was then used to develop a ‘Buyer Journey Map’. An interactive and dynamic document, the map visually represents the research and is designed for sales and marketing teams to easily identify the different stages, priorities and influencers along the journey. Alongside the map we also developed detailed personas of the key decision makers and influencers involved. The client’s teams are now using these outputs to inform their activities, and they are also feeding into our own ongoing work with this client. For example, we are already engaged in the development of visual assets to help Estates and Facilities Directors to relate with challenges in the market and navigate how to achieve their aims with third party support.
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