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Our healthcare market research drives change where it matters

UK healthcare market
insight from the experts

The ZPB Insight Unit combines audience insights and healthcare market research with data to bring rigour, new perspectives, and true insight to client challenges.

Our data analysts and market researchers can create a strong evidence base on which to make qualified and evidenced decisions and build strategies that work. We help our clients understand their audiences and market through a rich mix of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
The importance of healthcare market research

Stakeholder and audience beliefs and behaviours are changing fast. Make sure your strategies and communications are built on insight. Research with patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) will help you to identify trends and what underpins them and is essential to driving behaviour change whether you are engaging patients or HCPs.
Understand your market, your audience and your patients. ZPB offers:

​•    HCP research and audience insights: using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research techniques
•    Behavioural insights
•    Disease panels made up of patients, carers and clinicians
•    Market segmentation and micro-targeting, identifying target customers by analysing relevant indicators and combining these to identify the latent need
•    Overlaying hard intel with soft intel, such as research of board papers, stakeholders, long-term strategic goals of targets and anecdotal information from ZPB’s network
•    Socioeconomic analysis, using a variety of datasets to assess the impact that a change to the system will have on the cost and burden of disease
•    Future-proofing and impact analyses, forecasting future NHS trends and activity patterns based on existing indicators and trend

We commissioned ZPB to complete a strategic marketing analysis of our medical device to give us a greater understanding of our market fit, go-to-market strategy and brand positioning.

ZPB’s quantitative and qualitative approach to research meant that we had both data and stories about our target market to support their conclusions. What we really loved was the mixture of skills that ZPB brought to the project – from deep scientific expertise to brand and marketing experts which led to a holistic strategy.

ZPB’s work is a critical pillar of our strategy for growth. We’d highly recommend them and we will use them again in future to support key decision making.

Will Wijnberg

Executive Director of Matoke Limited

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