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Our healthcare market research drives effective strategy where it matters

Healthcare market
insight from the experts

ZPB is a strategy and data-led healthcare communications consultancy. 
We’re different because we work with health and care providers, tech and digital health and pharma.
The ZPB Insight Team combines audience insights and healthcare market research with data to bring rigour, new perspectives, and true insight to client challenges.
Our data analysts and market researchers can create a strong evidence base on which to make qualified and evidenced decisions and build strategies that work. We help our clients understand their audiences and markets through a rich mix of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
The importance of healthcare market research

Stakeholder and audience beliefs and behaviours are changing fast. Make sure your strategies and communications are built on insight. We can undertake B2B and B2C global research with the public, patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to help you to identify trends and what underpins them. This is essential to driving behaviour change whether you are engaging with patients or HCPs. Understand your markets, your audience and your patients.
ZPB's Insight Team offers:
  • Primary and secondary research, landscape review, customer insights
  • Audience mapping, profiling and insights (payers, commissioners, HCPs, patients)
  • Value and impact analysis
  • Market analysis and customer segmentation
  • Advisory Boards and Councils
As part of our strategic development, we commissioned ZPB Associates to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives from target UK and USA hospital systems and the information that ZPB gathered on our behalf was exactly what we wanted. ZPB’s analysis has been a vital part of the development of our UK and USA offer, helping us to develop our strategic offering to potential partners.

Victoria Hatcher

Global Head of Marketing at Proximie

Who we work with

We are proven to drive adoption of new treatments, therapies and technologies

We're health sector specialists that reach and engage the public, patients, healthcare professionals, and care providers about health

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