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A slow year? Not a chance.

There was lots of speculation as to whether Confed would be a damp squib this year, and rumours about poor attendance rates were rife. And yet we found the delegates to be more certain, focused and, dare we say, confident in the task they face. Last year we faced a daunted and shocked NHS manager. This year we saw a different beast. One who knew they had a huge mountain to climb, difficult decisions to make, and uncomfortable questions to answer, but who was more confident in what they needed to do that. So we would challenge the notion that Confed was quieter this year. You’ll find you’re just as busy following up on those fewer, more productive conversations.

We navigated our way through a very busy, but vibrant week at Confed and are now back at base camp assessing the successes of the week.

Over the past few days in Manchester we have juggled:

  1. 35 very important people

  2. 10 speakers

  3. 5 clients

  4. 3 stands

  5. 3 dinners

  6. 3 workshops

  7. 2 champagne receptions

  8. The best post dinner drinks party in town.

And we again proved that we certainly know how to throw a shindig. For the second year in a row, the Healthcare at Home, Cambridge Health Network and McKinsey & Company party drew all the cool kids in town and received rave reviews from all attendees. It’s fast becoming the place to be seen.


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