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Looking after our team

We want ZPB to be the best place to work in healthcare communications which is why every year we get the whole team together to talk about benefits and find out from them what’s important to them.

We’ve just started our new financial year and launched our new employee benefits package - and this year we’ve got a lot to talk about.

• We’re providing the team with health insurance so they can feel reassured that if they need specialist care, including cancer care, they can access this easily. We’ll also be making provision for primary care so that getting a GP appointment is straight forward

• We are enhancing our maternity and paternity leave making sure parents have the support they need to take time with new family members

• We’re holding quarterly ‘supper clubs’ where we’ll hear from an interesting, inspiring, and thought-provoking speaker and team dinner (And we’ll make sure ZPB alumni are invited too!)

• We want people to stay and grow at ZPB. This is why we are implementing paid sabbaticals for people who reach three and five years continuous service with one and three-month paid sabbaticals respectively

• We’ve adapted our leave policy so religious holidays can be swapped to other days which may be more relevant and meaningful

• We’ve changed up our ‘sickness’ policy to reinforce that sick days exist to support people with a wide range of health issues - including mental health

• Everyone has access to the ‘Happy Monday Fund’ which allows a team member to do something new (circus skills anyone?) - and we pay for it

• We give everyone 40 hours for voluntary work so that everyone has time they can use to give back to support causes that sing to them

• We have an employee assistance programme for the team and their immediate family, to access talking therapies, legal advice, counselling, health and fitness advice as well as self-help programmes

• We have signed up to a perks package which gives the team access to loads of high street deals and so much more. Every little helps with the cost of living squeeze

As well as all of that, this year we are focused on sharpening up our processes to reduce admin and are celebrating the team’s work with regular events. So how do we know if we are delivering on our ambition to be the best place to work in healthcare communications? We will see the results in our annual staff survey.

If you’re interested in joining us, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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