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Looking forward to NHS ConfedExpo

Next week the ZPB team will be boarding the train and heading for NHS ConfedExpo. If you are going too and would like to arrange a meeting, get in touch at

NHS ConfedExpo will be the first time in over two years that the UKs health and care leaders will come together under one roof with providers, policy and political leaders and thought leaders, building the connections and relationships that we hope will be catalyst for positive change in the sector.

This is of course a crucial moment for the sector, with record pressures felt across all aspects of health and social care. It is also a moment of significant change as ICSs launch across the UK with the aim of delivering joined up health and social care.

ConfedExpo has five main themes, which all speak to these pressures and changes.

  1. How to better address the fundamental health Inequalities that exist across the UK, many of which have been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and NHS pressures.

  2. Driving recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and building a health and social care system that is fit for future challenges.

  3. How we improve the experience for hardworking health and social care staff, and by extension how we recruit staff to address the workforce crisis and retain the staff we have.

  4. The importance of collaboration and partnerships across systems, both nationally and at a local level.

  5. Improving patient care by ensuring staff are working at the top of their skillset and maximising R&D to make the most of new research, treatments, technologies and digital solutions.

We look forward to discussing these crucial topics, and helping colleagues and partners build new networks that will drive real change.


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