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Meet our new team members

This month we have welcomed three new members to the ZPB team: Izzy, Saryona and Maliha (left to right).

Maliha and Izzy have joined as Account Executives, while Saryona has joined as an Analyst. We sat down with them to learn more about their backgrounds and ambitions for the upcoming year.

What were you doing before you joined ZPB?

Izzy: I graduated from Sheffield University two months before starting at ZPB, so I spent the summer travelling with friends and family.

Saryona: I was completing my Master’s in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health as I was interested in learning more about disparities in the healthcare system.

Maliha: After graduating with an Integrated Masters in Biochemistry, I worked as a health article editor for my internship at Klarity Health.

What made you want to work at ZPB?

Izzy: I've always had an interest in pursuing a career in healthcare and wanted to work in an industry where I could use my knowledge from studying Biomedicine at university. I also have an interest in marketing and communications so the Account Executive role at ZPB seemed like the perfect way to explore all my interests!

Saryona: I wanted to make a difference in the healthcare sector and I was attracted by the variety of projects and clients. I also liked how ZPB is a small team and I could see that it was a great place for me to grow and develop my skills.

Maliha: What immediately drew me to ZPB was the impact ZPB has within the healthcare space. I also liked how the agency works, with a range of clients spanning various sectors within healthcare. From the mental health space, healthcare delivery systems and pharmaceuticals, ZPB have expertise in so many different areas.

What interests you about healthcare?

Izzy: Healthcare is a sector that is constantly evolving as research becomes more sophisticated and new treatments emerge. The opportunities to constantly learn, work in a team with leading healthcare experts and push boundaries are particularly exciting.

Saryona: I’m passionate about healthcare because it makes a positive impact on people’s lives. It is an ever-evolving field and the ability to continuously explore data to improve access to the latest treatments and technologies really interests me.

Maliha: I like how healthcare is something that everyone has in common. Working in healthcare and creating positive outcomes is something I find incredibly rewarding and something that motivates me to do good work.

How are you finding working at ZPB?

Izzy: Working at ZPB has been great. Every member of the team has been super welcoming and friendly and everyone always makes time to help you if needed. No one day has been the same which has kept the job super interesting.

Saryona: I am really enjoying my time at ZPB, the projects are engaging and I appreciate the team being so supportive.

Maliha: I’m really enjoying it! Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to work on really interesting projects. I also really appreciate how my colleagues have been welcoming and supportive.

What are you most looking forward to for the year ahead?

Izzy: Gaining a deeper understanding of the private and public healthcare sector, working to solve some of the challenges that healthcare providers face and getting to work with an amazing team!

Saryona: Continuing to develop my skills further and the range of projects I will be involved in.

Maliha: Gaining a deep understanding of the UK healthcare space, further developing my skills, and meeting interesting people.

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