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New OPSN report offers insightful analysis of England’s ‘subject deserts’

Today, the Open Public Services Network (OPSN) has published a report suggesting that pupils’ subject choices in GSCEs are drastically affected by where they live. It highlights the staggering variation in student enrolment for triple science across the country and demonstrates how deprivation can seriously hinder a child’s educational opportunities.

The OPSN and ZPB’s analysis of the data points to the existence of ‘subject deserts’ in certain areas of England, where pupils are not offered equal access to science or a modern foreign language. The data raise some important questions concerning how a child’s economic background affects their current and future educational life and what role there is for LEAs and policy makers to ensure sufficient access to these subjects.

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ZPB has been incredibly excited to analyse this large data set, plugging on significant points in order to tell a visually engaging story. We are experts at using data and beautiful design to create a compelling narrative in an engaging format.

Charlotte Alldritt, Director of the OPSN, offers a summary of the analysis here.

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