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Six things I’ve learnt in my first 10 weeks

ZPB newbie Isabella Taylor has been in her first job for ten weeks since leaving university. But what has she learned?

I have been an account executive at ZPB for ten weeks. I graduated from Durham University 15 weeks ago. It feels like a lot has happened since I celebrated completing my final exam ever at the worst nightclub in Europe! It’s been an incredible learning experience, and here’s some of the things I’ve learned in my first real job:

1. Embrace the challenge

Accepting that I was not going to pick up everything straight away was a real test when I first started working. I’ve got perfectionist tendencies and initially struggled with being the new girl – frankly I felt completely out of my depth. However, I have grown to accept and embrace the learning opportunities this job provides. Although I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed, I now know it means I am growing and improving. I am also fortunate that ZPB has a ‘buddy system’, and I always have someone to turn to if I’m worried about anything, from an intimidating project to where to get lunch.

2. How to get a seat on the train

I never thought I would be one of those people, but I have a favourite carriage on the train now. Don’t judge me.

3. What makes the NHS tick

I’ve always had an interest in health and medicine and since working at ZPB I have been exposed to some of the most influential and knowledgeable people in the industry. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from senior healthcare leaders at engagement forums, board meetings and Cambridge Health Network events.

4. Why have one acronym when you can have one thousand?

STPs, ICs, ACOs, CCIOs, CNIOs, NHSE, PHE, SoS, SpAds, CMOs… Speaking of the NHS… there are certainly many acronyms in the realm of healthcare. I’m still trying to remember them all!

5. Event organisation

Unless you count the odd Boat Club social night at University (which mostly consisted of going to the aforementioned terrible club), I had never been in charge of organising an event. Since joining ZPB, however, I have had the opportunity to be involved in organising a number of CHN events – including the Not the Healthcare Awards. I have become adept in venue management, ticket sales and marketing, and of course wine tasting.

6. Teamwork makes the dream work

ZPB is a tight-knit team and have welcomed me with open arms. After spending my years at University mostly working alone on essays, it was a refreshing change to be surrounded by a group of people all working towards the same goal. I didn’t think work would be this much fun!


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