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Tech Week at ZPB

Last week saw Charlie and Alex M attend the Fourth Industry Revolution APPG in Parliament with Push Doctor and on behalf of Medic Creations, where they heard Matt Hancock reinforcing the vital role tech has to play in helping people lead longer healthier, happier, but also more fulfilling, lives.

This week is providing to be even more techie than that for ZPB and happens to coincide with the publication of The Topol Review calling for a digitally-ready NHS workforce (find out more about this in tomorrow’s Friday Five). Thoughts amongst the ZPB team are that Dr Eric Topol caught wind of our activity and latched onto it for the publication of his report, but who knows.

A few of our key tech activity highlights include:

  1. Organising today’s Digital Health Summit, a collaboration between the Cambridge Health Network, Bloomberg Intelligence and DigitalHealth.London, on Wednesday. Leading digital health experts will discuss the latest advances in digital therapeutics, data sharing and the role of AI in healthcare.

  2. Preparing the content for the next Digital Healthcare Council meeting

  3. Developing a strategy to raise awareness of the vital role Medic Creations’ communications solution, Medic Bleep, can play in increasing the efficiency of staff communication flow, improving the patient-clinician experience and reducing staff frustration

  4. Developing an activity plan with Push Doctor to proactively engage patients

  5. Kicking off our work with our new healthcare wearable client, Sensium

If you’d like to find out how ZPB can help your tech or digital health organisation, contact our Account Director, Charlie Monger – or 07551 007 644.


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