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Updating our value proposition

We've recently refreshed our branding and website. This has prompted us to pause and reflect on our vision, purpose and values. How you describe yourself is an art in itself and so we worked our process on ourselves for a change. It started with listening to what customers, staff and stakeholders say about us. And then we spent a lot of time thinking about our customer's pains and talking about the complex and changing healthcare environment they are working in. For those pains we identified the gains - or the value we bring to them. Next, we answered the question ‘what is different about us?’ – for us, this is about our people, our expertise and the breadth of clients across the healthcare sector. And finally we drafted this into compelling and engaging copy. We included some proof points including our awards and customer testimonials and then applied the messages consistently across all our channels. We have tested it with different people inside and outside the team - above all, it's got to be authentic and the whole team needs to believe in it.

And with our lovely new brand design and team photoshoot, we’re now live. Do let us know what you think.

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