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What’s it like to work at ZPB?

We’re hiring!  This is good news because it means we’re growing with plans for even more growth and development in the coming year.  Bringing new people into ZPB is invigorating – we’re excited to welcome new faces and hear their thoughts and ideas.

The recruitment process has made us think about what it’s like to work here. It’s easy for someone on the management team to say that working here is great, but how do you really know?  There is always that slight paranoia that you’ve drunk your own Kool-Aid.

So, we asked the people who work at ZPB via an anonymous online survey what it was like to work here, and this is what they said:

People work at ZPB because:

  1. The work is challenging and interesting

  2. You have a lot of autonomy to get on with stuff

  3. There is a wide variety of work – not the same tasks/projects every day

  4. The benefits package

  5. You get exposure to our amazing network

  6. The team are great

We asked them how they would describe ZPB to a friend, here’s what they said:

“Fab team, intellectually stimulating work, in a sector that makes a difference to people’s lives.” “Great place to work in terms of culture and the job itself is interesting with opportunities to grow (individually and as a business).” “It’s challenging, but you can achieve amazing exposure to all areas of the business. They care about your development and will encourage you to push yourself and reward you for your efforts.” “ZPB offers a good platform for launching or furthering a career in healthcare. Team members get access to very senior leaders and influencers across the sector, there’s a variety of work, and for a small business there is a lot of career development and opportunities/process for training.”

So, if you wants to work in a dynamic, growing company and you’re a self-confessed fellow health geek, come and join us! Have a look at our job posts here and here.


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