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Anne Janssen

As Research Manager at ZPB, Anne leads the data research and insight at the ZPB Analytics Unit, using quantitative and qualitative data to create a story. In recent months, she has used open data and her insight and analytical skills to demonstrate how digital outpatient appointments could save the NHS £265 million from ‘did not attends’ and nearly a million days of time taken off work, and how the COVID-19 pandemic might leave close to half a million mental health patients behind.

Anne graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2019 with a Masters degree in Biomedical Science after completing her undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetics at King’s College London in 2017. During her degree, she spent nine months working in a research lab at the Francis Crick Institute where she developed her scientific approach to questions and is now looking to apply her experience with experimental data and using data to answer a scientific question to working in industry.

Outside of work, she enjoys baking and spending quality time with friends. In summer she often enjoys a day of sailing and in winter you can find her snowboarding down the mountains of Switzerland.
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