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Providing insights for a global healthcare strategy

How ZPB worked with international healthcare leaders to provide our client with strategic insights.

The context and challenge

Driving healthcare efficiency through data is a global need. Many healthcare companies try to provide a solution to operational challenges through new data and analysis. But with many commissioners “drowning in data”, how do you make sure what you are selling is of value to potential customers?
Insight is key. We were asked by surgery software platform Proximie to undertake a detailed research project. This piece of work would help them to understand senior healthcare executives in both the UK and USA markets.
The outputs of this research project would shine new light on this issue. They would be fundamental to Proximie’s international sales strategy and the development of their new research study.
Our approach

ZPB Associates engaged a target list of senior healthcare executives in both the USA and the UK. As our client is UK-based, we agree to weight the research towards the USA, with more interviews conducted in this market. These individuals came from leading healthcare systems across both countries, with job roles including CEOs, CFOs, and COOs.
To ensure robust insights, these were individuals that were not known to our client. We made sure they understood that we were totally independent from our client, so that the responses and information that they shared would be free from bias.
Using a series of structured one-on-one conversations, we interviewed these individuals on a range of topics including:
  1. Pains and gains - The challenges of UK and US systems that are trying to improve efficiency and throughput
  2. Unmet need - What information do systems need and what software is currently used to collect and store data
  3. New metrics - What data and analytics would be needed to engage decision-makers
  4. Procurement - How procurement decisions are currently taken in both the UK and the USA
  5. Investment - Who is driving investment and what is needed for a compelling business case
The research 

Some USA stats:


  • Nine structured interviews were conducted

  • Participants from seven different states

  • Respondents responsible for a total of 219 Operating Rooms

  • Four different job roles were interviewed (CEO, COO, CIO and CFO)


Some UK stats:


  • Five structured interviews were conducted

  • Participants from five different NHS Trusts

  • Respondents responsible for a total 75 Operating Theatres

  • Three different job roles were interviewed (CEO, COO and CIO)



The outputs 
Results from our research interviews were aggregated, with insights grouped into key themes.


We provided our client with a full written report. This included a mixture of statistics, insights and unattributed quotes. We presented findings back to our client and their senior leadership team, with clear recommendations for how they could use this insight to develop a compelling offer and business case for both markets.


The insights that we provided have helped our client develop their international sales strategy.
“Proximie is on a mission to digitise operating rooms around the world. As part of our strategic development, we commissioned ZPB Associates to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives from target UK and USA hospital systems. We wanted to know more about current practices in both countries, including the collection and storage of operating room data. We also wanted to know more about unmet needs and what insights would be of most use to these potential customers.
The information that ZPB gathered on our behalf was exactly what we wanted. ZPB’s analysis has been a vital part of the development of our UK and USA offer, helping us to develop our strategic offering to potential partners. 
This is the second project that I have commissioned ZPB Associates for. They go above and beyond to understand our brief and the objectives that we have. They are easy to work with and the outputs are always well received at all levels of our business. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”


Victoria Hatcher, Global Head of Marketing at Proximie

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