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Using insight to increase share of voice in a crowded market

Our Objective 

CHS Healthcare (part of Acacium Group), partner with the NHS and social care to deliver innovative patient flow and pathway solutions supporting patients and families as they navigate health and care journeys.


From July through to December 2022, ZPB Associates ran two conjoining campaigns underlining patient flow as a key driver for delayed hospital discharge. These campaigns were not about marketing for the short term, but positioning CHS Healthcare against competitors as the leading brand for patient flow by demonstrating thought leadership around long term solutions to a perennial problem.
Our Approach 
Reaching decision makers in health and care is increasingly challenging as pressure on the NHS means they have little time to engage. We wanted to demonstrate new thinking around patient flow and increase CHS Healthcare’s share of voice with content that resonated with system leaders as well as customers.
We drew together a roundtable of experts from across the system to discuss solutions to patient flow challenges. The roundtable was developed into a set of key messages, a podcast and series of blogs. This content, alongside a survey with frontline staff in health and care and new analysis of NHS data formed the basis of our PR and marketing.

To highlight the impact CHS Healthcare can have on patient flow at a trust level we also built a calculator which allowed potential customers to input volume of beds occupied by patients who no longer met the criteria to reside, number of days discharge is taking and a proportion of beds they would expect CHS Healthcare to manage. The calculator showed the bed days CHS Healthcare could save and the cost saving for the trust.

Evergreen content has meant that we have been able to pivot alongside the developing news agenda taking advantage of opportunities as they arise and adding additional value to the activity. 

Seb Stewart

Commercial Director at

CHS Healthcare


One of our key objectives for 2022 was to become the most admired brand for patient flow in the UK. By increasing our share of voice against leading health and care organisations, we are now closer than ever to achieving this.


Since launching these campaigns with ZPB Associates in July 2022, we have gained invaluable exposure across the health and care, resulting in both customer retention and an increase in new business. This work with ZPB Associates has been an important driver for our growth and we look forward to achieving even more in the coming year.


Increasing CHS Healthcare's share of voice: 

Higher media engagement:

2.75 million estimated views across earnt media coverage


132.6% increase in LinkedIn reposts

18% increase in unique website visitors



Front page coverage in The Daily Telegraph


21 pieces of coverage in target national, regional and health trade media

Increased business: 

Activity aligned with the signing of 8 new contracts, with 4 others pending by end of campaign

Equivalent Google share of voice against key players in the industry

Growth in exposure:  

Convened 6 expert NHS leaders for a roundtable event


Positioned brand as an expert voice in patient flow to then be approached by 2 top tier media outlets for comment

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