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Our objective

Aktiia has a clinical-grade device which is the worlds-first 24/7 wearable blood pressure device. ZPB was engaged to run a press office in the UK, Germany, and the US to drive awareness of the device amongst different audiences and clearly differentiate them from consumer wearable companies. 
Aktiia also wanted to highlight current failings in hypertension diagnosis and management and position them as a true game changer in how hypertension is managed globally. In turn, this would build clinical support for Aktiia, positioning it as a credible medical device upon which decisions can be made.
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Our approach 
We developed a strategy with a two-pronged approach to target a primary audience (consumer) and a secondary audience (healthcare professionals, payers, and partners). We targeted consumer media to raise awareness of the failings in the way in which hypertension is managed, and a LinkedIn professional campaign. With continuous horizon scanning and newsjacking, we were able to ensure Aktiia was included in all conversations about hypertension and wearables. This in turn raised awareness and advocacy for Aktiia among clinicians. 
Our tactics included offering journalists Aktiia samples to try for themselves, which resulted in the company's highest sales week following a long review in the MailOnline. We engaged with social media influencers with a high following to review the device and share on their social channels. We also developed data-driven stories in response to new Aktiia research. 
Our results
We secured 913 pieces of media coverage which included 13 top tier outlets, such as MailOnline, Forbes, and Daily Mirror
Our coverage was viewed, seen, or read an estimated 270+ million times which led to a 63% increase in share of voice.

Our influencer engagement led to 85K+ views on Instagram social posts and a 45% sales increase following an influencer LinkedIn campaign. 

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Our PR generated a potential reach of 18.1M users on social media.

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