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Our Vaccine Facts campaign awarded at PM Society Digital Awards

Last Thursday, our digital campaign and website for the Vaccine Facts campaign won the Gold award at the PM Society Digital awards in the category: Healthcare charities, patient associations and NHS.

South East London ICS oversees some of the country’s most diverse communities, which were shown to have high rates of vaccine hesitancy and research revealed that national Covid communications messages were not resonating with their communities. This resulted in low uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine, particularly in the Black Caribbean and Black African communities, putting them at increased risk of infection. ZPB created a website and campaign to answer the real questions the community had about the vaccine, and provided them with the facts they needed to make an informed decision. Following rollout, ethnicity was no longer a defining feature of vaccine hesitancy in the areas targeted by the campaign. We are proud to have worked with South East London ICS on this campaign, having impact and improving the health of the community.

Read more about the full campaign.


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