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ZPB summer roundtable: The role of cancer alliances

Next Tuesday, ZPB Associates is hosting its second breakfast roundtable, looking at Integrated Care Systems and how they enable an improved shared care pathway between primary and secondary care.

We are delighted to have Susan Sinclair, Managing Director at RM Partners Cancer Alliance, joining us. Susan has been transforming cancer services for 4 million Londoners and is passionate about mobilising primary care to address inequalities in northwest and southwest London.

What is a Cancer Alliance?

In 2015, NHS England established 21 Cancer Alliances, aiming to transform cancer pathways and improve the quality of cancer services and the experiences of patients across the UK.

Bringing together clinical and managerial leaders from hospital trusts and health and social care organisations, these Alliances aim to transform the diagnosis, treatment, and care of cancer patients in their local area and across local pathways.

How to Cancer Alliances work with ICSs?

Cancer Alliances work closely with Integrated Care System (ICS) partners in their local area, to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan commitments for cancer for community they serve. Due to the breadth of NHS Trusts that are involved in Cancer Alliances, they will often work across more than one ICS footprint.

What is the RM Partners Cancer Alliance?

The RM Partners Cancer Alliance works with a range of healthcare organisations, including 9 NHS acute trusts, 14 clinical commissioning groups, two ICSs, NHS England Specialised Commissioning, and third sector and voluntary organisations.

The RM Partners Cancer Alliance seeks to tackle a range of issues such as early diagnosis, personalised treatments and R&D, to improve the outcomes and experience of the community they serve.

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