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Our services

  • Market and customer research

  • Audience mapping, profiling and insights 

  • Value and impact analysis

  • Market forecasting and future proofing

ZPB Insight Unit

  • Value propositions and messaging

  • Market strategy, access and entry

  • Brand strategy and development  

  • Thought leadership and expert panels

  • Stakeholder and KOL strategy

Strategic services

NHS cov vacc March21_1867_web res v2.jpg
  • Marketing entry, engagement and activations

  • Integrated marketing communications​

  • PR and policy comms​

  • Digital and creative 

Marketing and communications services

With a team forged on the frontlines of pharma, hospitals, media and more, we have the live system insight and sector knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

Meet the team

Victoria Hatcher
Global Head of Marketing at Proximie

As part of our strategic development, we commissioned ZPB Associates to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives from target UK and USA hospital systems and the information that ZPB gathered on our behalf was exactly what we wanted. ZPB’s analysis has been a vital part of the development of our UK and USA offer, helping us to develop our strategic offering to potential partners.
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