Healthcare at Home: stimulating the market

Clinical care in the home can save the NHS £120 million, but limited evidence and understanding led to it being overlooked in strategic plans developed by NHS England, which would have created the imperative for the service to be commissioned at local level.

Healthcare at Home Ltd asked ZPB to increase awareness and help stimulate market interest through a marketing and comms campaign using thought leadership.

Using hard evidence, data analysis, expert collaboration and straight-forward storytelling we represented an industry-wide perspective gleaned from our alliance of senior stakeholders including leaders from the National Association of Primary Care, NHS England, NHS Improvement, the Kings Fund, NHS trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Royal Colleges.

With our panel of senior industry experts we produced and promoted a series of three policy papers over 18 months that proposed a sustainable vision for the future of community care. Our campaign focused on maximising exposure to the very top of the system to provoke interest and pursue implementation of the care model.

We used a number of channels, including conferences and networking events targeted at policy and C-Suite execs – Confed18, the Kings Fund ‘bringing hospital care to the home’ and the Cambridge Health Network – and used advocates independent of Healthcare at Home to amplify the messages.

We achieved coverage in in Practice Business, The Guardian and Health Awareness and the NHS Voices blog which helped propel the report’s online reach both in the trades and nationally. We also segmented the market to identify stakeholders of interest, and through a targeted approach, generated a number of meetings to promote and potentially implement some of the recommendations.  This resulted in NHS England asking Healthcare at Home and the expert group to make a submission for inclusion in the Long-term plan

Our campaign achieved over 38,000 impressions on Linkedin, 300 downloads, and was used in evidence at a parliamentary inquiry into the first 1000 days of life. There were a number of meetings with senior leaders at NHS England and Improvement.

The thought leadership approach was then adapted into a sales campaign, where ZPB segmented the hospital market using available data and qualititaive research to produce a list of target hospitals who it seemed most needed clinical care at home services.  Using the content from the report we ran a lead-gen campaign to get the client conversations about their service.  This generated over 15 meetings with key trusts for the Healthcare at Home sales team and a number of subsequent partnerships, provoking the market to consider our vision for the future of community care.

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