Influencing national initiatives

Auditing on behalf of NHS England

ZPB Associates was asked by NHS England to undertake a review of the usefulness and quality of the data on the scorecards published on the NHS website, How could they be improved? And what data are most meaningful to patients and the public when choosing services? 

To complete this undertaking ZPB held two workshops with teams from NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) to agree definitions and project scope and collect their views.

We then undertook a review of international literature looking at the following themes:

  • Awareness and promotion of choice
  • Trusting information and the role of user ratings
  • The role of influencers
  • Preferences and presentation
  • Completed a comprehensive data audit, examining more than 700 metrics against a series of agreed criteria (see appendix one)
  • Discussed and debated the role of NHS Choices during internal ‘challenge sessions’
  • Formulated 23 recommendations about how indicators, data quality and meta-data can be improved so patients have better information about choosing elective care
  • NHS England agreed with the recommendations and instructed NHS Digital to create an implementation plan

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