Visiba Care: clinical access during Covid

Virtual clinic software provider Visiba Care appointed us in March 2020 to position the tech business with appropriate UK healthcare leaders to introduce their remote care solution across from the Nordics. The opportunities presented by a pandemic seem on the face of it abundant; however, the UK government abandoned procurement processes during the pandemic and instead mass procured a competitor’s single solution.

Our brief was to support the sales team to build the necessary awareness and to build a sales pipeline within the UK.

Throughout our year-long campaign from July 2020 to July 2021, Visiba Care has been featured in a total of 768 news pieces.

Our audience insight, how we developed our strategy and how we gathered our evidence

This was an overcrowded market and the NHS audiences were more inaccessible than ever due to Covid. We needed insight into our audience’s most salient needs and had to be creative in how we highlighted Visiba Care’s value proposition to highly targeted NHS buyers.

To identify story angles in an evolving marketplace between the multi-region client stakeholders we developed a remote-friendly PR story-identification tool. We built this based on an innovation framework typically used in the automotive industry called a ‘Morphological Box’. We called it our Momentum Box.

Using the insight from stakeholder interviews with potential buyers, we shaped the indices around a mixture of what was attracting their attention (peer advocates) through to what was compelling them into action (market issues).

Using this tool, we identified our gaps and the streams of work required to develop a cohesive narrative (e.g. advocates and data). Importantly, this tool meant we were able to generate an understanding in the client to invest in them.

Through this tool we identified one single thread throughout all our work: clinically appropriate connectedness.

Advocacy development

Between campaigns, we ran industry profiles of Visiba Care’s senior leaders in target media thought leadership pieces on important issues and built advocacy networks via an alignment in values and mission to speak on behalf of the product in a peer-to-peer way. One of these, Dr Martin Godfrey, led over 10 discussions with regional radio stations engaging with local clinical leaders about the topic of NHS staff burnout.

Research to campaign results

Using our Momentum Box we identified three content pillars across the time period for this award:

1. Awareness: first responders

The client has one UK case study, through extensive interviews with their team we discovered that police officers were using the app to connect homeless people with psychological support on the street. We launched a story about this in April ’20 and secured several trade media stories – to increase its reach, we furthered the story with data to stretch its relevance nationally.

We sent FOI requests to 23 police forces to understand several issues including the importance of digital solutions to resolve resource shortages and issues, and how digital solutions can change the mental health of patients and staff in a post-COVID-19 era.

We evidenced the need for further digital interventions to ensure the right service is used in the right way. Our FOIs uncovered that the total number of mental-health-related incidents police were called to in their areas rose by 41% between 2015 and 2020, sparking concerns about the lack of appropriate help for the mentally ill.

It ran as an exclusive in The Guardian where it was a lead in the healthcare pages. It then ran across seven targeted regional areas and two trade media outlets targeted at our NHS buyers culminating in a total 64m reach. Expertise from our client on how digitised interventions can better support the mental health crisis was featured in all coverage pieces.

2. Interest: connecting with appropriate patients & cost savings for buyers

Through our monitoring of open-source GP data, we found people over 50 years old were not accessing healthcare services or visiting their GP as usual due to hesitancy in using online consultation systems. We did a paid-for survey with CensusWide to build the story around why this was happening, it showed just two in five people had an online healthcare consultation and that while people under 30 were benefitting the most from digitalised health services, middle aged and older adults felt duty-bound not to access healthcare during the lockdown to ‘protect the NHS’.

We also did a piece of quantitative analysis in-house to identify the cost saving to NHS buyers available through using Visiba Care.

• Exclusive in The Telegraph showing £500m of savings could be made to NHS through using tools like Visiba Care– credited in the third line and including quotes from our client.

• Digital Health & Business Insider positioned Visiba Care as capable of attracting and helping patients of all ages – showing off its simple technology and ability to prioritise patient demand and saving the NHS £500m to payers.

• Coverage in 58 publications audience of approximately 57 million

3. Desire: preventing NHS exodus

We needed to increase the desire of organisations hooked on less effective systems to switch to Visiba Care, we identified that the software’s ability to enable better home working solutions for clinicians was a big draw. We built a campaign on this using software usage in the Nordics, polling of NHS workers and cross correlating with NHS Surveys and used a hook of a Parliamentary report on NHS staff burnout being published in May.

Through our polling we identified that 77% of workers said more flexibility would make them reconsider leaving the NHS and help them achieve better mental wellbeing.

• 20 broadcast interviews across national (BBC) and targeted regional areas using our NHS GP advocate and Visiba Care spokesperson

• Trade media publication across all 2 x digital healthcare channels


Throughout our year-long campaign from July 2020 to July 2021, Visiba Care has been featured in a total of 768 news pieces. By working hand in hand with the sales team to thematically link the campaigns through into paid for marketing activity drawing people into sponsored and owned channel webinars Visiba Care is building out its UK base of clients.

Our last webinar in June 2021 attracted 40 GP practices; ten Integrated Care Services leads and three Chief Medical Information Officers to listen to country lead Tina Marshall talk about what Visiba Care could do to provide appropriate clinical care remotely in their trusts. When questioned how they found out about Visiba Care, 86% of leads quote seeing content generated by the PR campaign.

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