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Charlotte Highmore

Charlotte is an Account Director at ZPB. Bringing a wealth of experience in project management, strategy, and communications – Charlotte loves nothing more than collaborating with a client to solve a gnarly problem.
Charlotte has a particular interest in how communication strategies can implement behaviour change theory to influence actions and make measurable impact.
Prior to ZPB, Charlotte worked at Skating Panda as Social Impact Lead and led client services and delivery across their projects including creating the Gold award-winning strategy for Rakuten’s EMEA staff engagement app, rebranding a global network of gender justice philanthropy organisations, launching the Menopause Charity in the UK, and being seconded to the National Emergencies Trust in 2020 to co-lead and set up their Communications department.
This is not Charlotte’s first time with ZPB. From 2014 to 2017 Charlotte worked at ZPB leading the Cambridge Health Network, acting as the Secretariat for the AHSN Network and Patient Safety Collaborative, and working on projects such as GP engagement for the Yeovil Vanguard, an early iteration of the ICS.
Thrilled to be reunited with the team; Charlotte is trying to reintroduce the overconsumption of snacks, Wednesday’s PUBlem solving and maybe even lunchtime running club. Either way, the team will be subjected to her terrible taste in music and shouting dog.
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